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Charcuterie & Cheese CATERING

Grazing Tables are an amazing feast & a stunning centrepiece perfect for large gatherings to bring people together!

Elegant presentation for Wedding Receptions, Birthday Parties, Celebrations of Life & Corporate Events. Or for your next Holiday hosting!

To compliment the array of Charcuterie & Cheese there are lots of nibblies such as; fresh veggies & fruits, pickles & olives, nuts & dried fruits, crackers & spreads etc. Our team can help you customize your selections to ensure you & your guests have the best experience. 

Our on-site Grazing Tables can be booked starting at a minimum of 40 guests at $30/per person, comes with salad & crostini platter. If you are interested in booking a Grazing Table, please call us and we can quote you on a price! 

Please note, tables require a minimum of 2hrs setup time prior to your event/guests arriving.

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