From the Cellars.

We started curing meat, like most others, with a small pork belly to make bacon. Wow! It was over salty, but we ate it, it was too small to last. But the simple process opened our eyes to the possibilities of curing our own charcuteries. So, we started collecting butchery and deli equipment, building a fermentation & curing chamber and absorbing all that we could learn from others.


Now we want to push yourself from a hobby side hustle idea into a serious business where we can offer products to you.


Our plans for the next five years is to open a small salumeria shop, one where we can continue our craft of producing charcuteries & fromages for retail & home consumer sales. At this time, we are offering curated charcuterie & fromages grazing boxes, boards & trays to showcase local Ontario farmers, ranchers and producers you might not have heard of right here in our own backyards. These artfully curated grazing platters will feature many of small businesses within the Hamilton Region, as well as our own creations.