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From the Cellars

Barton Salumeria Charcuterie & Cheese Bar  is a small shop where we build curated charcuterie & cheese platters while continuing our craft of producing our own charcuterie & cheese. Come join us for a wonderful culinary experience with a great selection of craft beer, wine & cocktails. 


Like most, we started curing meat with a small pork belly to make bacon. Wow, was it over salty! But we ate it & enjoyed it but it was too small to last. This simple process of combining Salt & Time with quality pork opened our eyes to the possibilities of curing more of our own charcuterie. So, we started collecting butchery and deli equipment, building a fermentation & curing chamber and absorbing all that we could learn from others.

We pushed ourselves from a hobby side hustle into a serious brick and mortar business in 2021 in the beautiful Barton Village of Hamilton Ontario.

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